Another India (15)


SCAN0303 (1)

I spent 3 days in Chennai and a day in Pondicherry. Looking back over my journal I realise I didn’t write anything about this trip. I had scrawled down pages on Mumbai and several  more about Cochin. But nothing of my time in Tamil Nadu.

I visited my great uncles and aunts there. I remember how P. would drink half a bottle of whisky before dinner, but never a drop after. I remember getting my haircut, and in a typically Indian fashion, this became an upper-body massage and general grooming session. I remember the fresh, delicious dosas (my personal favourite) always served on banana leaves for ease of disposal. I remember sweltering with my family under the one ceiling fan whilst watching the cricket world cup, just hoping that the electricity would hold out (to see the match through and for the life-giving cool air). But all the while I struggled to find the rights words, just as I do now.

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