For two years between 2011 and 2013 there existed a band. They initially released two songs on YouTube: live videos of them playing in someone’s front room. I adored the music and shared it with a couple friends. Over the next two years the band remained in relative obscurity. Only their names were known, the fact they were from London, and a later a video of them recording music at a country house in Norwich.

They sporadically released a few more tracks over these years but only on Soundcloud or YouTube, so the music could only ever be streamed and never downloaded to be kept. By 2013 they had a total of 8 tracks. My friends and I managed to see one of their very few shows at pub in South London, a wonderfully intimate gig – perhaps too intimate for us -our presences almost an intrusion amongst the exclusive fanbase of family and friends. But before they played, one of the band members served a delicious goulash he had cooked for those in attendance and all anxieties dissipated (as they do with a good meal).

And then the band disappeared. In 2013 they released a song called, ‘Flourish (Last Song)’. No more was heard from them. A career as ethereal as their sound. To this day, and right now, I still play them almost weekly. The art was a given moment: of sharing headphones with G. to watch their videos in the playground, humming tracks with C. in History class, the taste of the warm goulash that night. A moment was all that was needed.

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