116 (The White Between Us)

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Puerto Varas, May 2018

The salmon is both a freshwater and a saltwater fish. Whilst it’s born and spends its early years in freshwater rivers, it will make its way to the sea for its adult life. The narrow tributaries and limitations of childhood give way to the heady currents of the dense, bottomless, ocean.

When salmon are farmed the same process must be manafactured. Civillians bused out of war zones, salmon are physically transported by lorry from one caged environment to another. However, when they’re stressed salmon secrete ammonia into the water. Ammonia is toxic to salmon. In this self-contained space, the poison builds. Many of the fish never make the journey, whilst others will begin to nurture malformations and develop into unsellable (and therefore useless) adult specimens.

(For A.F.)