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Eduardo Avaroa, August 2018

A photo from last year because I’m not taking many photos at the moment. Instead, I’ve been consumed by a new job and this new country I’m inhabiting, often similar yet occcasionly different to the one I grew up in (‘uncanny’, I guess). But I didn’t really make any photos the whole summer, choosing to focus all creative energy on writing my first book and doing something with the archive of photos I’ve amassed over the last six years. It’s a peculiar form of liberation not to be tied to my Pentax, however I’m beginning to miss that way of looking.

Feeling slightly isolated, but I’m hopeful that’ll change with time (however that happens). Currently reading Murakami’s ‘Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World’, watching ‘In Treatment’ in the evenings, and thinking often of Seamus Heaney and AF.