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The 6th dawned with warm, misty conditions in many parts of Ireland, Wales and Cent and S England; minimum temperatures overnight were in the range 15-18C in many parts of Cent S and SE England. Much of England and Wales had sunny spells during the day and became hot, locally very hot. Thunderstorms affected some areas, especially East Anglia and NE England during the day, and Lincolnshire and NE Midlands in the evening. Scotland and Northern Ireland were mostly quite warm and fairly cloudy, with some widespread rain overnight and in the N and W during the day; the rain moved slowly E’wards during the day. (Heathrow 32.2C, Fair Isle 12.8C maximum, Altnaharra 5.1C minimum, High Mowthorpe 35.4 mm, Jersey Airport 13.8 h.)

Chiasmus (3)


I spent much of that walk thinking about my personal and political_: of H., of fences, of what was to come.

The centripetal force that kept them oscillating each other was singularly disturbed by an unknown object. Their course was re-written and the ageing astrophysicist would have to begin his life’s work again. He stuck a label on the front cover of the notepad (deliberately over the coffee stain), wrote the dates, and put it into the drawer of his desk with the others.

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I have yet to attempt to write a single public piece about last year’s shattering political events. I still don’t have the desire to, I’d rather keep this writing confined to my journals or let it seep freely into my prose. Mostly it’s that I have felt suffocated by the noise, the opinions of others none of which accurately capture how I feel about these moments. This isn’t so much a criticism of the writers, but of the inadequacy of language. I think of Berger.

Sometimes the only response is a purely visual one, although I guess this isn’t one of those.