It was 3rd May 2020:

“Two concepts—normalcy bias and positivity bias—have frequently been on my mind after I read Hudson’s article about them in the FT. The former suggests that we act ‘normal’ during a crisis to mitigate stress caused by the event. It’s part of our human propensity for herd thinking, or aversion to social exclusion. Hudson gives the classic example of a room slowly filling with smoke, but no-one wanting to be the first person to react to it. Some call this negative panic: being too scared to do anything before it’s too late.

Positivity bias posits that (most) humans err on the side of positivity. ‘Bad things happen all the time, everywhere and to everyone, but they won’t happen to me’. Without this, we’d be constantly gripped by fear.

Hudson is, of course, discussing Covid. Or is he referring to the climate emergency? Or the economy? Or neofascism?”